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For anyone who’s asked, yes we will be doing a meet & greet after every show this fall tour! Always free & always fun :)


Photo by Hannah Shanker


Some stellar “Bleach Blonde” lyric art by @chelseawood13!


Nick Santino Announces “Long & Winding Roadshow” Tour Dates

He will be joined by This Century, Brian Marquis and Austin Gibbs. Tickets for some of the shows are available here.


This “Sound of Fire” artwork is ultra tight yo. | Regram from @concheetah


Back at it! We’re excited to get out on the road again with @nicksantino and friends on The Long & Winding Roadshow! Dates still to come. See you this fall!


Stay tuned! Dates and details for the new tour are coming Thursday!!

Catch The Long And Winding Roadshow in the US this fall ft Nick Santino, This Century, Brian Marquis and Austin Gibbs!

(via arttmaddiction)